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Couples & families
come to counselling for a variety of reasons:

  1.  They want to give their relationship the best chance possible, so they come seeking help before living together or marrying.

  2.  To improve communication skills which will aid them to understand each others' positions re: having children, finances, roles, duties, sexual issues or just how to have more fun.

  3.  To learn how to deal with conflict.

  4.  To manage stress.

Parents may come to improve their children raising skills.

Families may come to improve harmony and achieve family goals particularly during the teenage years. They may come in order to help themselves and/or their children deal with separation/divorce issues.

Although both partners of a couple will often attend it is not unusual for one partner to attend first and then bring along the other partner at an appropriate time.

Sessions for couples are scheduled for one and a half hours.


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