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Next series
    ‘Creative counselling Tools’.    (Four sessions of 4hrs each).

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Facilitated by Steve McGinnes – Member AACBT. Master Applied Psychotherapy..

As counsellors we have all experienced times when we wished that our toolbox had contained more useful items. Adults best access learning in various ways, some visually, others aurally, kinaesthetically or in combination. There is a parallel to this in counselling and psychotherapy. Some clients are best reached via the heart, whilst others via the head (ie - using the door that is open). Others best visualise or can more easily work with metaphor. Some need a safe distance such as is initially provided by art work or sandplay. This series of workshops is specifically designed to help you first learn, then integrate these powerful tools into your practice. Another major aim of this tool kit is to assist you to improve your assessment and intuitive abilities so as to know when and with which clients to use it.

Session 1    Inner work. Sandplay I.

Session 2    Visualisation, Inner Child

Session 3    Voice dialogue

Session 4    Sandplay II. Drawings for Therapy

Sessions held 9am to 1pm Saturdays

Venue     107 Henrietta St. Waverley, 2024.
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Phone      02 9389 7794

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Email        counsellor@stevemcginnes.com

Having come from a transpersonal psychotherapy background I commenced to practise using these methods. However as time went on I realised I needed a solid grounding in mainstream counselling and psychotherapy. To that end I completed a two year Grad Dip in counselling and Psychotherapy.

I found that over time I began to integrate the more creative aspects with the mainstream of my practice. I found that having this range of tools vastly improved my ability to work with varying clients presenting with a wide range of issues.

To this end I have constructed an experiential course for counsellors that will give them an enhanced complement of tools to use with their clients. The course will include sand-play, voice dialogue, drawing, and inner visualisation. You will learn when and how to use these modalities so as to achieve not only appropriate benefits for your clients but also greater satisfaction and confidence for yourself.

A certificate for 16 hrs will be provided to enable you to meet professional development requirements.

can presents issues in a direct and clear manner and supports the client to discover the meaning disclosed in the sand. A sand tray is used and into it the client places small pieces and figures from the surrounding shelves. The choice and arrangement of the pieces can reveal deep unconscious processes while quite subtle aspects may be seen and worked on. Effectively the unconscious is on display and this often allows the client to reach profound insights. I like to think of sand-play as 3-dimensional art work. The fact that the issue is put into the sand also allows the client to have a sense of greater security since they are viewing it (at least initially) from a safe distance.
Voice Dialogue can be used to distinguish the sub-personalities within us. Each voice has its own purpose and story to tell. In daily life people may act out these voices depending on the external circumstances. Bringing them into consciousness releases the hold these personalities have over the client and allows the person more choice in their dealings with the environment.
Visualisation guides the client inward to see how emotions and/or experiences are carried symbolically in the body. Clients may for instance describe carrying a heavy black ball in their chests. You will learn how to work with such visualisations.
is used with clients to promote further insight, assist in integration of a process and provide a visual record.


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