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These wellbeing groups are designed for those of you who are looking for greater meaning in their lives, those who want to lead richer, more aware lives.

The aim of the group will be to use a range of tools such as sandplay, voice dialogue, energy work, breath-work, music and movement, chanting, meditation, and dreamwork. This will continue to increase awareness and insight and more importantly allow us to work with these insights to enhance your day to day wellbeing.

A more long term approach is used here. One of the great values of groups is that you can become more aware by simply observing others and their needs, hopes, wants, and insights. You will learn to be both supported and supportive. You will give and receive feedback in a safe environment with people who are also seeking more in their lives. This is a wonderful and powerful way to interact with others.

From this you can see that the focus is not only on inner work but on interpersonal relationships as well.

It is envisaged that this group will be small (max 8-10 participants) and that each member will already have started a journey of personal growth.

can presents issues in a direct and clear manner and supports the client to discover the meaning disclosed in the sand. A sand tray is used and into it the client places small pieces and figures from the surrounding shelves. The choice and arrangement of the pieces can reveal deep unconscious processes while quite subtle aspects may be seen and worked on. Effectively the unconscious is on display and this often allows the client to reach profound insights.
I like to think of sandplay as 3-dimensional art work. The fact that the issue is put into the sand also allows the client to have a sense of greater security since they are viewing it (at least initially) from a safe distance.
Voice Dialogue can be used to distinguish the sub-personalities within us. Each voice has its own purpose and story to tell. In daily life people may act out these voices depending on the external circumstances. Bringing them into consciousness releases the hold these personalities have over the client and allows the person more choice in their dealings with the environment.
Meditation is normally used at the commencement of a groups to assist participants to look within themselves, and to become more centred and present.
Breathwork (a more cathartic for of which is known as rebirthing) uses connected breathing to access life experiences. It can also free up emotions locked in the body.
Dreamwork helps make sense of the many layers of messages that the unconscious is revelaing to us. This is yet another tool (as are the above) that aids in building awareness and gives us a vastly greater range of choice in our lives.


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